Q: How do I apply for a room?

A: Send a description of yourself and your accommodation needs through our web-site or by email. It is good to describe yourself as a person, hobbies, work, studies etc. and how long you wish to stay. Please also mention room and apartment preference and if you need furniture.

Q: I have a pet, is it allowed?                                            

A: In the long term we hope we could have an animal friendly apartment but unfortunately current apartments cannot allow pets since other tenants or future tenants might be allergic to animals.

Q: Do you have apartments for females only?

A: We have no dedicated apartments for females, but we struggle to keep a good balance between men and women. That has shown to work best in practice. However, it is likely that we have some apartments with female only that is formed by coincidence since there is slightly more demand by women than men.

Q: Are there any plans in providing shared apartments in Helsinki city center?

A: The prices there are so high, that rents would need to be twice as high to compensate for higher cost for purchase of apartment. We feel locations further away but close to good traffic connections gives the best value. It is to be remembered, distance is not important but travel time is.

Q: Who lives in your apartments?

A: Some 50% are students, youngest having been 17  and the other half consists of mainly young professionals. We also have adults, the oldest being 54.
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