We have a set of terms in all our agreements that clarify all details from reserving to returning of deposit.

General terms

AVHL Asuinhuoneenvuokralaki (31.3.1995/481)-law and its revisions, valid in Finland

Also Good Practice commonly used in renting activity is to be followed.

Condition of the Premises
Here we write notes if there are some wears and tears etc.

Modifications to apartment
According to law, the Renter has no right to make modifications or renovation work in the apartment such as painting, drilling holes or changing fixed furniture unless agreed with the owner.

Rent period
The agreement is a fixed-term tenancy agreement valid for 11 Months from moving in date. After this period the agreement is valid until further notice acc. to Month-to Month -principle. Move out date is agreed as exception to AVHL to be at earliest the same date as end of this agreement, when the room needs to be empty and cleaned and fully at MaiHaus disposal.

A fixed-term tenancy agreement cannot be terminated during its validity period. This applies to both the Renter and MaiHaus. An exception for termination is however granted by AHVL Article 55 §.

Termination during fixed term leads to a sanction equaling the rent security deposit. After 11 Months, Renter may cancel or change terms of this agreement upon thirty (30) days written notice.

Rent prices are between 375-500€/Month. For agreements between 5-10 Months we apply 10% increased rent utility fee remaining unchanged. We do not rent for periods below 5 Months.

We also rent furniture sets including a comfortable bed, blanket, pillow, desk, chair and lamp. Furniture rent depends on contract period as follows: 5-8 Months; 35€/Month, 9-11Months; 30€/Month and >11kk; 25€/Month

Rent does not include utilities. Utility bill in all our apartments is 29 €/month include fees for water, electricity and internet

Rent + utilities payable monthly on the 5th day, made payable to MaiHaus Oy´s bank account using repeated payment function;

Aktia Bank, IBAN: FI45 4055 0012 3923 67, BIC: HELSFIHH.

Each room has a unique reference number for payment that is to be used.

Raising of the rent
The rent and utilities are raised annually on 1st of January starting with a maximum of 5%. If MaiHaus intends to raise the rent, MaiHaus must inform the Renter by email one month before the raise comes into effect. MaiHaus must also report the amount of the new rent, the new amount of the other payment and effective date for the increase.

Rent security deposit
Rent deposit in all our apartments is 500 €.

The room will be reserved to Renter by paying half of the deposit (250 €) to MaiHaus´s bank account within 24 hours from signing this agreement and the other half (250 €) before receiving the keys. A payment receipt is valid evidence of these transactions since bank transfers can take a few days. Deposit is returned within 7 days after returning the keys to Renters bank account, in case all terms in this agreement have been fulfilled.

Keys are given to the Renter after payment of full deposit.

In case Renter does not return all keys during moving out, Renter shall pay a 300€  fine to MaiHaus. In case of losing keys, a new apartment key can be arranged for 50€ and picked up from Kaarikuja 1, Helsinki (contact Ivan Aleksandrovic), and a new room key for 30€ after informing MaiHaus to be picked up at Lukko-Tiimi Oy, Unikkotie 9, Vantaa. Typical delivery time for a new key is one day.

Home insurance
Renter must have a valid home insurance within 7 days from moving in. It shall cover the room and shared facilities and include a liability insurance.
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